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Elicia Frazier

MICA Cum Laude Master's Graduate; Former Baltimore County Public School Teacher; now teaching at Zoll Studio School of Fine Art and York Art Association. Home-school Teacher; Multi-faceted Artist and "People's Choice" Award winner; Also recognized for Plein Air Painting in Howard County Times Magazine. Currently teaching students of all ages in all art aspects, including Portfolio Prep.


Elicia Frazier's art career began at Howard Community College where she received an Associates Degree. She was a scholarship recipient at the Maryland Institute College of Art and was showcased while painting abroad in Italy. Elicia received her Bachelor's in Fine Arts, and later, received a Master's in Art Teaching. She also received a National "Advanced Certification in Art Teaching K-12." Elicia furthered her art education and development at Zoll Studio, learning techniques and skills of the Old Masters. Elicia has studied a variety of art styles including diverse, and effective, teaching techniques. In addition, Elicia furthered her teaching knowledge as an assistant at Montessori Manor School, ages 2-13. She is also well-studied in all aspects of homeschooling philosophies, from "Classical" through "Unschooling."


Elicia's professional goal is to educate art students in finding their inner voice; becoming thoughtful of what they hope to purposely create; exploring how they are making art; and understanding how it speaks to other art connoisseurs. Her mission and dream is to give breath to each student's inner artistic evolution. Elicia's personal belief is that on-going, personal exploration and learning helps to shape a student's artistic gift.

Elicia's artistic pursuit is to continue studying color therapy and incorporate her understanding into color theory, to heal people through her artwork. She enjoys painting nature with it's many moods and concentrates on how light effects color and energy. Elicia hopes her artwork will speak to your soul on a deep level, to bring you peace, joy and serenity. She understands that color and subject matter can heal one's internal mind and spirit. Elicia continues to study realism, but like to incorporate some artistic vision to each piece of artwork. "To know that my artwork brought forward a smile, a peaceful heart or a connection to your higher spirit, makes me feel successful." -Elicia

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